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We focus on transforming your relationship for the better!

We are your dog's therapist and your personal coach.

Board and train near me

The Proper Pup

This is our most popular program that is a board and train for 10 days of intensive training while your dog stays in our trainers home Monday through Friday. On Saturday morning, Lara will bring your dog home to begin your first in home appointment to cover everything your dog has learned during those 5 days. You will then spend your weekend practicing with your dog and building on the structure and foundation Lara has created. 

On Monday morning, you will bring your pup back to us and we will work through any kinks you may have had over the weekend. On a Wednesday, Lara will bring your pup back home and work with you in your home for however long you need! 

Your dog will come home with a better foundation to work through their emotions, whether it be reactivity, fear or anxiety. 

Let us help you have enjoyable walks together! Let us do the difficult work; all you need to do is maintain it after they go home. We give you the knowledge and tools to prevent regression as your relationship grows stronger. In 10 days we are your dog's therapist and guide so they can be a proper pup inside and outside the home!





Leave it

Drop it

Leash manners-more enjoyable walks together!

Manners with guests-impulse control with overexcitement such as jumping, barking and door rushing.

Crate training-ability to have their own bedroom to recharge in. 

Ability to settle inside and "Go lay down" in their own space.

Socialization and desensitization in real-world environments.

Structured and safe socialization with other dogs

Impulse control and teach them to go to a specific place to prevent counter surfing, chewing, guarding, ease anxiety, and teach them calmness.


Training leash


Homework sheets

Text/email/call support

Eligibility to join our FREE Pack Walks

Upgrade Discount

4 in-home appointments with Lara​

off leash training

The Amazing Pup

This is our unlimited program that includes EVERYTHING you need to get the amazing pup that strangers on the street will compliment about how well behaved your dog is.

This is program is typically 21-31 days with a possibility of an extended stay depending upon their progress. Your dog will stay with us Monday-Friday for their first 10 days. During each weekend you will have simple homework so you are part of the training process This will give you and your dog the best results and help you and your dog adapt to the new learned structure and skills that Lara has taught.

After each weekend with you, your dog will return on that following Monday where you will drop them at our home so Lara can begin where your pup left off and review your homework so Lara has a better idea of what your dog needs more focus on.

We want to provide you with the best results in resetting your relationship with your pup inside and outside of the home.

All our programs work at your dog's pace, but this program gives us the most time to work on building a solid foundation and improved behavior. Your dog will get to work on real-world distractions to prepare them to be confident, calm and balanced on and OFF leash. This is the only program that we guarantee off-leash reliability where you have a piece of mind while hiking your dog off leash or just need an easier way to communicate with your dog without having to use a leash or panic and raise your voice.


Sit & Down-even with distractions 

Solid leave it with stuff they like to put in their mouth or bark at

Drop it

Sit Stay

Down Stay

Ability to be calm inside-no more pacing, getting into stuff, jumping on you or guests..just calm and relaxed.

Heel/Dog packed up and walking next to you-super helpful when your dog is off leash and you want them to walk next to you instead of running up to other dogs or people.

Come-ability to communicate to your dog as you would with a leash or long line on, but they are off leash. 

Leash manners

Structured and safe dog socialization

Crate Training

Real-world socialization and desensitization

A more confident, calm and reliable dog!


Go home bath

Training leash

Training collar


Homework sheets

Text/email/call support

Eligibility to join our FREE Pack Walks

Access to all group classes 

Unlimited FREE appointments with Lara

Your dog must be 6 months and older to start this program. If under 6 months your pup will begin the Proper Puppy first and return at 6 months.  ​

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