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Meet The Trainer


Hi, I am Lara and I specialize and LOVE working with reactive/anxious dogs and of course puppies. Like many dog lovers, I grew up with dogs and my dogs gave me the love and sense of belonging that everyone needs.

I have professionally been working with dogs since 2014 and couldn't imagine having any other career. Additionally, to my 10 years of professional hands-on experience, I had great mentors I worked under for 4 years, completed workshops with renowned and respected trainers and love how there is always something new to learn about dogs and human psychology.  

Every dog is different just like every human being is different, whether it be due to their background, genetics, personality or what drives them. Since every individual is different, they learn differently and need different approaches and tools. I provide each dog parent and dog the tools that best fits their needs to be successful in their training journey. The right tools I provide for your training journey doesn't just include leashes and collars, but also includes owners learning confidence, structure, how to have calm energy, re-gain trust, set boundaries, clear communication with  words and body language.

My goal for training is to help your dog overcome fears, build confidence and be able to be confidently calm and neutral in real-life situations. After making progress with their behavior, I help you learn how to clearly communicate to your dog by being involved in the training and I provide the support you need to strengthen your relationship. My type of training does not solely focus on basic commands like sit and stay. My focus is to be your dog's therapist by helping them form positive experiences with their triggers and be your coach teaching you how to guide them to make better choices.  

To see more about me and my training, go view our Instagram @wagandpawtraining, which is also below this page. :) 

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