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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer puppy training?

Yes! Our puppy programs are not listed on our site yet, but please contact us for more information. The Proper Puppy is very similar to the Proper Pup, but it is $100 more with an extra in home lesson. We also use primarily positive reinforcement with puppies along with more dog and real-world socialization. We also offer Day Training, which primarily focuses on confidence building and socialization!

Do you take aggressive dogs?

We do take dog aggressive dogs, but if they have drawn blood on another dog then we would schedule an evaluation at our home first. An evaluation is $75 and if you decide to sign up for training then that $75 will go towards one of our training packages. We also might make the call to muzzle train your dog to keep everyone safe, but that is a case by case basis. For human aggressive dogs, it is a case by case basis depending on all the honest details and history of the dog. If your dog has bit and drawn blood on a human, we require you to schedule an in person consult in your home or in a neutral area, which is also $75. We want to help as many dogs as we can, but we also want to ensure we are the right fit for your pup’s case. 

Which training service is right for me and my dog?

To ensure we find the right training service for you, please schedule a call and a consult with us!

Do you offer boarding?

Unfortunately, we don’t and wish we could, but a lot of our clients will book a board and train in advance and plan a getaway during your dog's training stay!

Is my dog too old to be trained?

Dogs never stop learning no matter what age they are! If your dog is in good health then it is never too late for training. Dogs who struggle with fear or anxiety actually shorten their life by producing too much cortisol and training helps them have a calmer and happier life. 

Do you offer training that is not a board and train?

Yes! We offer in home private lessons that is $175 an hour, Puppy day training and group classes!

Do you sell your personal training leashes?

Yes! Please email us if you would like to buy our versatile 3-in1 leash.

Where are you located?

We are located 5 minutes away from downtown Willow Glen and a few minutes away from downtown San Jose off of Lincoln and Park Avenue. 

Do you offer in home training if we don’t live in San Jose?

Yes, but if you live more than 20 miles away then we charge a $20 travel fee for each in home visit. We do not service areas that are more than 30-35 miles away, but can offer virtual lessons or lessons where you meet halfway.

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